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Georgios Michael

Georgios Michael was born in Kissonerga in 1939. After graduating from the village’s Primary School, he continued his education at a college in Pafos.    

During the liberating fight of EOKA 1955-59, Georgios Michael was a member of the fighting youth who were giving their own battle against the British colonizers. Georgios Michael was the leader of all school events and protests which were taking place against the British. Actually, during one of those protests he removed the British flag from the Hospital of Pafos. He also organized defiance against the British.     

He wanted to participate more dynamically in the fight against the British and therefore he wanted to become a member of EOKA. For this reason, he approached Kkelis, but the latter could not trust him yet because he was still quite young. 

Alone, he organized a bomb ambush against two British vehicles in the entrance of Kissonerga. He took cover in a lavatory near the road and once the first of the two military vehicles got close, he through a bomb against it. The soldiers of the second car spotted him as he was running to hide, got out of their vehicle and started shooting at him. A bullet threw him on the ground. The soldiers got close to him and shot him from very close distance and killed him. Young Georgios Michael was killed at 10 am in the morning of March 12, 1956. 


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